Monday, 30 May 2016

Spanish talgo train with high speed begins with trail run, that is to be introduced on the route of Delhi to Mumbai

Spanish talgo is the high speed train measuring 110-115 kilometers per hour which was conducted in Uttar Pradesh on Bareilly Moradabad on Sunday with railway strategy to induct the faster trains.
It is the fastest and lighter train with nine coaches and it is the train that is hauled by diesel engine of 4500 HP and covers the distance of 90 kms in just 70 minutes. It is the lighter train because it consumes 30% less energy. Officers said that the train left from Bareilly at 9;05 am and reached by 10;15 am to Moradabad as it ran out at the speed 100 to 115km/hour speed.
Spanish talgo train consists of nine coaches from whom two coaches is of executive class cars, a cafeteria, four chair cars, tail end coach and power car especially for the staff. The train is riding with stability and safely so that no passenger gets hurt and is technically checked properly so that it does not creates any kind of technical issue.

Its coaches are designed with creative minds so that it can easily run with curves and the coaches are lightweight so that no problem occurs during the curve turns without any speed decelerating. With the help of this train and its speed you can easily travel from Delhi to Mumbai in just 17 hours.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Anushka and Virat broke up but they must be together

Some people said we lost the world cup as Anushka diverted Virats mind at the time of the last ball. Still it is unknown that how far is it true. But after that the news which became quite into sensation was their break up. From deep sources, it is revealed that Anushka and Virat are child hood friends and probably if India would have owned the world cup then they would have been lucky to be together. But unfortunate enough that was not possible.

Virat and anushka were once considered to be the sensational news of the country. It’s because after Nawab Pattaudi and Azharudin it was Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma who were going to make a great couple for the time. But unfortunate enough their story did not move on ahead.

It was heard from various information where it was reported that, Virat said Anushka was quite rude to him. She every time used to take a control on him which was really making him breathless. But their separation has yet to be declared official with some of the reports that said their meeting again and again. 

Later in the party of television star Angad Bedi virat was seen inviting girls to join him on the dance floor as he is still single and would be ready to mingle with some one who would like to join him. Earlier both were seen together a lot of times but now it’s really like a dream come true. 

Truly speaking the couple used to make the best couple when they both were together. But today their separation has bought on a great question mark on what would happen with their future next. Now everyone is waiting to hear something good about their reunion. The couple has been a romantic one who complete and complement each other. There are a lot more happy days and events when they both were seen holidaying. But now it’s just a question which is in search of an answer.

We guess their love was not cheap to break down so easily but would surely last for a long time. We still are waiting for the good news to arrive when they would be noted together and would really make a good time for each other. Now both are busy with their career but still time is there to make them together and count on with a number of events like their wedding planning in future. This would really bring on a friendly match to be played between both in the near future.

Virat and Anushka we are still waiting to see you both together and would really love to enjoy some more event snaps and gossips about those. 

Friday, 20 May 2016

Finally Salman get ready to tie a knot this year

2016 is really an awesome year for the bollywood. Basically when it’s about the khan family. This year the salman khan and family has been the centre of attraction for the bollywood and the globe indeed. Firstly the salman khan was proved lucky enough to come out of the hit and run case that has been running since a long. Secondly their adorable daughter like sister arpita khan got her baby which was really the best news for the family.

And now the hottest of all, Mr. big brother salman khan’s wedding bells are going to ring very soon. Yes… your ears are listening the perfect news; it’s the Bhai jaan’s wedding that would be going to take place very soon on his upcoming birthday.

It’s now confirmed that Mr. Khan is going to get knotted with his long driving girl friend from Rome Lulia Vantur. With the upcoming birthday on 27th of December, Mr. Khan is going to tie the wedding knot to the lady love. It’s even heard that the love story is going to get its successful ending with the approval and a great wish from Salman’s mother. Though Mr. Khan denied to get married but his mother has been repeatedly getting him to get married soon.

Very recently, when one of the best friends of Mr. Khan i.e. preity zinta got married. The couples were noted jointly at the event. Their presence bought on a lot of happiness and entertainment added to the event.

Listening to this, all most everyone from the industry and Salman’s fan has started wishing him for the great start of his life. To avoid press and media from the event salman had arranged a huge set of security for Lulia Vantur during priety’s reception event.

There are a lot of speculations to bring on with the best preferences and make the perfect wedding destination for the event. It is also reported that Mr. Khan’s well wishers have started bringing on bouquets for the great news and have made it a great in all. Though Mr. Khan was not interested in getting married but still with his mother’s pressure, the maa ka ladla have to get on with the wedding. It’s now the planning for getting out of bachelor hood and entering into a perfectly set married life.
Soon in the December there is going to be double celebration with salman’s birthday celebration and even with the wedding bells to ring loud. This would be the best and the latest couple to get married in Bollywood soon in the end of the year. 

Soon the days will vanish when salman was linked with the best actresses of the industry. It’s now the turn of the best hero of the industry to have a great time with his long day Romanian love and enjoy a perfect married life. With such good news, the lady luck is going to arrive to his life with a bang and we wish his life becomes most enjoying and colorful after this grand wedding. 

Thursday, 19 May 2016

With Blac Chyna, Kim Kardarshian speaks out on baby of Rob Kardharshian

Kim Kardarshian is the personality who is socialite, actress, model and businesswoman. She is the perfect ideal personality for many women with many passions and she completes on time without thinking about the hurdles. She always stays updated in the news cover and latest she spokes about the most famous member of the family.

Kim Kardarshian is a star continuing with peace and making her own ways and she does not have any kind of positive things regarding her Brother Rob Kardharshian who is expecting a baby named Blac Chyna. She says that it is the really an exciting time for him and he will be the best dad and is really a good person. These are the words that she said on the entertainment tonight Tuesday in France while attending the Cannes of Film Festival.

Both their mothers are also supportive aunt that adds her husband Kanye West and her that are dishing up with the advice of the future parents. She also added with the words that “We give him – I think more me” the advice that she gives and it is being the fun time in real and she is happy for them. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

2001 tax case has to be again faced by Amitabh Bachchan, rules supreme court

Amitabh Bachchan is the famous Bollywood actor and an ideal for many people around as he is the genuine person of the industry with unique personality and creative thinking that attracts and inspires many people. He is the person who has hosted many famous shows that has gained outstanding popularity and is in demand with new seasons. But he is now facing with the case 2011 tax again as the Supreme Court has allowed income tax department to reopen the case against him. The department of IT says that the actor has owned with 1.66 crores for his popular show “Kaun Banega Crorepati” in year 2001-2002.

High Court in Bombay granted the relief to him in July 2012, but by dismissing appeal that was filled by the commissioner of income tax department to reopen the case with assessment proceedings in 2001-2012. After that the income tax department moved towards the Supreme Court against the order of high court.

On 13 October 2002, income tax return was filled and it was stated that he earned with 14.99 crore as the income assessment in the year 2001-2002. On 31 march 2002, he filled his returns with revised income that declares the assessment in 2001-2002 with 8.11 crore. But before the assessment completed he withdrew the returns that were revised.

On 29 march, 2005, the officer of assessing completed the assessment that determines that his income is 56.41 crore. Mr bachchan on 5 April 2006, issued with a notice that assessment proceedings will reopen in the year 2002-2003.

The reason behind all this reopening of assessment was that the account books that were kept by him were not examined well and in that he has given the details of six accounts but in real he owns with seven bank accounts. When he withdrawn the returns that were revised, he showed that his professional causes of expenses is just 30%.

Since 2009 a plea is still pending in the top court and issued with a notice earlier to the megastar. On 2008, the court allowed the exemption of 30% of his total income 50.92 crore from every show. After that high court permitted that being an actor he will also have to give tax relief on time.

In the appeal of I-T department challenged that orders on ground relief is just for those artistes who earn by performing outside country or by receiving the payment that is from foreign agencies.

I-T department submitted that Mr. Bachchan acting like an anchor in television program for star India Ltd and he cannot be termed as artistic for the role he played in the show.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Sushant Singh Rajput got verbally abused by drunken Ankita Lokhande

Ankita Lokhande the famous TV serial actress and Sushant Singh Rajput that is also famous TV serial actor but now he has entered into the Bollywood with famous film that gained popularity. They both are the famous couple in Bollywood and are in demand to see together with best chemistry. They both had already worked together in famous TV serial “Pavitra Rishta”. They both are in highlights nowadays as this is the couple that is heading for splitsville and currently found that Ankita Lokhande was drunk and after that she badly abused Sushant Singh Rajput.

The couple ended with courtship of 6 years old and the reason behind it is that split is not exactly clear, SSR for clarify Took to twitter and said that Neither he is a womanizer nor she was alcoholic at the time. But according to the report on a source that is close to actors always claim at the opposite. According to the report it says that Ankita does not have any problem of drinking and Sushant was getting bit closer with the females for comfort and this source opened at the party of the filmmaker’s house where hell loose broke and Ankita and Sushant ended up by having major showdown.

Their saying was ended with a quote “It was one helluva fight, very ugly and very crass”. Ankita was tempered and both didn’t stop and she hit the ceiling and the couple was supposedly drunk at the party. Ankita walked to Sushant where he was trying to get friendly with famous celeb and because of this reason she badly abused Sushant and from that situation their relation got downhill.

Top actresses of bollywood who are paid the most

Today all young and fashionable girls would like to become actresses. This is because of the money and fame they get from bollywood industry. It has been seen many a times that girls are getting turned towards the bollywood with the verse of having a career in it.

Today bollywood has been taking its female lead towards a better future not just in the country but also abroad. People are going mad to just have a glance of their looks and beauty. Their popularity is not just dominant in the country but has also made them famous worldwide. It’s not just their professionalism but even the versatility that they present the most perfect way to the Indian cinema. Their performance is just something which has made them the highly paid actresses of the time.

Sonam Kapoor

She is the daughter of Anil Kapoor and has started her career with ranbir kapoor in Saawariya.  She came to recognition and became famous all over India with the movie“I hate love story. Kapoor has been cited as among the most fashionable Indian celebrities, also named in the highest paid actress in Bollywood with earning of estimated 2.5 crore per movie. Khoobsurat actress has latest release was Dolly ki Doli while she will share screen first time opposite the top rated Indian actor Salman Khan in her next Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

    Priyanka Chopra

She is rather called the Indian beauty in a true sense. Her dialogue delivery is just the best and incomparable. The way she speaks on in every dialogue brings on a true sense to express her talent. May it be the Mary kom or the Dil dhadak Ney doo. Everyone was bought on with a great charm through her character. Her versatility in her acting is appreciable with getting her 7 to 8 crores for every movie. She has been successful in her career with receiving nominations and awards for her wonderful performances every time. 

Kareena Kapoor

This so called the royal lady gets herself with 9 to 10 crores for a single movie. She has been noted among the successful leading actresses with being paid the highest. She has been following up throughout with a successful career and has been critically acclaimed for her role in movies like 3 idiots, golmaal 3, jab we met and many more. 

Deepika Padukone

She is now the otherwise called mastani of bollywood. Her magnificent performance in bajirao mastani has bought her a lot of pride and even money. Now she charges around 8 to 9 crores for every single movie. Her performance counts the best with every single step she moves on. She has been rated to be the sensational and magnificent lady of Indian cinema. It’s all because of her performance. 

Friday, 6 May 2016

Why do bollywood face a failure to the relationship in just few days of joining:-

May it be the great Farhan Akhtar or the perfectionist Mr. Amir Khan most of the stars in bollywood are heading with a separation from their loved ones? These cracks and adjustments are getting hammered with divorce at the end. It’s just a wander with what make these splits when the actors bring on with a great oath to their love vows.

The recent messes

The very talented and gorgeous Malika Arora Khan came to lime light recently with removing khan from her name. Gossip of ‘impending divorce’ must have shattered the Richter scale of publicity. There was so much noise over an obvious consultation with a divorce lawyer that I quiver to think what will actually happen when the matter comes to court. Every move of the celeb is exaggerated and put under the microscope and when you are going through a bad time, the assumption and the doomsday predictions are the ones that really hurt and become almost impossible to cope with. I guess that’s why Malaika put the rumors to rest when she issued a joint statement with Arbaaz.

Some cause why they split on

It’s not the normal kind of splits on to the relationship but some unusual habits which has been making the split quite into news. I just get blank with thinking about such for some normal people.

  • Unpredictable habits have been the main cause for the split between the celebs. These are like the unacceptance of the relationship between the couple after a long time or their parent disagrees into that. Some other takes it to make on through making a huge amount of money. The stars get together for a long time and after they break up, they ask for huge alumni for their future.
  • Unusual affairs between some co actress and vice versa have also bought a break up news between some stars. In an ex-cricketer’s marriage the wife finally got tired of his infidelities and divorced him, and her two daughters were on her team to ensure that she didn’t get the short end of the stick in all matters related to the divorce.
  • The most common one is the financial war that has bought on with separation. In front of money there is no relation going to stand on further. There are some relationships like that of karishma kapoor and sanjay kapur to bring on a divorce based on the financial matter.

The drama involved is of an electrifying magnitude which keeps everyone riveted to the ‘happenings’ in a celeb divorce .More likely than not, the couple’s friends who are high profile too, publicly support one half of the couple and that’s when the divorce becomes as though it’s a reality show.

Now it’s the turn of the son to follow their father’s path way

With fathers paving their legs on romantic and sizzling songs, now it’s the turn of their sons to make it out. It’s the son of Jackie dada and Aditya pancholi who have proved their talents and now the son of Govinda to prove on his acting talents. He is Yashvardhan Ahuja who is just 20 years old. Reported with some of the information that he has now backed home with a filmmaking degree in London’s Met Film School.

The young star son is recently at work for filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala's marketing team.  With an interview, he says - "I have been with Sajid uncle for a month now. He gave me the best advice — to move on with the flow and acquire knowledge on all aspects of filmmaking, including editing and writing before getting into acting. I will also assist him on Kick 2," says the aspiring actor. 

When asked about direction he says that he loves direction but acting is his passion and he might go to The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Los Angeles for an acting course sometime in the future. "Everything I know about the craft came from dad.  To make his remark for his father he says that His dad has taught me how to improvise on screen. I remember him telling me how Kader Khan Sir and he came up with impromptu dialogues on the sets of Harmesh (Malhotra) uncle's Dulhe Raja, which is one of my favourite films. These days our dinner table conversations only revolve around movies," he laughs. 

 When the reporter asked if Govinda a strict dad? "He used to be, but now he knows that I have grown up. He is more like a teacher to me now and I really look up to him," says the doting son, admitting that he's watched his father's David Dhawan-directed laugh riot, Deewana Mastana, more than 50 times. 

David and Imtiaz Ali figure high on this aspiring actor's wish-list. "I have seen all of Imtiaz sir's films and I'm in awe of his work. David sir is a legend and I would love to do a comedy with Varun (Dhawan) bhaiya, on the lines of Jodi No 1," he signs off.

Some more star daughters other than sons have also moved on with their father’s foot print. It’s like the sunil setty’s daughter athiya setty has been stepping forward to move into the movie world. She has proved her entry with the movie” hero” with suraj pancholi and is yet to be seen in some upcoming movies very soon.
Many a times we think sons are going to bring on their fathers foot print. But that is not just the fact; even daughters have efficiently proved their talents and are moving on to carry out the tradition of bollywood. 


Bollywood has been a place of interest for every one today. It’s because of the day to day news that we come across. Some breakups, some reveals and getting cozy has been making the bollywood the centre of attraction. These are mostly the gossips that would bring us craze to get through them.

Ending up of the true pavitra rista

The serial on zee TV that bought on to a pavita bonding the so called sushant and Ankita lokhandey has come to an end. Its long back the series ended but they still continued with their rishta. But now that also has got vanished with no extra effort made to join back.
Sushant singh Rajput had been moving on after the series with the best of movies like “kai po chi” and boymakesh bakshi but ankita did not get into any other series or the movies and has been indulged into the love build up. Today they have bought an end to their relationship with avoiding each other at the events.

Leaking of another panama paper

The panama paper has been significant news in the country. After Mr. Bachan senior now it’s the turn of the best of bollywood hero Mr. Ajay Devgan who has been bought on with huge shares of a British Virgin Islands company. Earlier it was father in law and the daughter in law, the famous bachan family has come up with the panama papers leakage. To reveal the truth, Mr. Devgan said that he has disclosed the information for taxes which is no more hidden.

It seems riya sen is getting back to movies soon

Riya sen, who made her entry to bollywood with the flick “style”, is now seen busy with the photo shoot. She was last into news with the MMS with Ashmit Patel that might have bought her with popularity. Now her snaps have been stumbled with the instgram and have been making her a new chance to get back to the movies.

Ranveer and Deepika might get true bajirao mastani

This is something quite spicy when ranveer singh has been noted calling deepika padukone “meri wali”. Ranveer singh called to be the true hero these days has been bringing on a sensational look with his desirability, fashion statement and his looks that get matured with time. He is the true macho man of the time.

Aishwarya rai bachan back to action with sarabjit

The beauty Aishwarya rai bachan is back to action with the new flick called the Sarabjit that is going to release soon with a bang. This movie is based on the person called sarabjit who was in Pakistan jail for a long term and has been released recently. Her performance as the sister who is struggling hard to bring back his brother is going to be appreciable. Just hope the movie clicks the best way. There are huge star cast like richa chadda and Randeep hooda who are also seen performing better in the trailers of the movie.

this is going to bring on the new movie with creating a tribute to the person who really had the experience at the Pakistan jail for a long time. 


Nawazuddin back to lime light again with shooting at Pune

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is currently shooting with Amy Jackson in Pune for Sohail Khan's Ali, has brought on with a three-bedroom sea-facing apartment in the tony neighborhood of Versova. This 41-year-old actor presently resides in a rented property in Andheri with wife, Aaliya, and their two children, Shora and Yani. it is reported that he with his family will  be moving to the new address by June-end. 

 As he says - "We zeroed down on the house around three months ago. I don't mind living in a rented apartment but my wife always wanted us to have a house of our own. She selected it and will be looking after the decor. I don't have a say in that department," laughs Nawaz, who plays a golfer in Sohail's film. 

After all hard work and achievements in his life. The Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor plans to carry to the new house are a few pictures of his screen idols Dilip Kumar, James Dean and Paul Newman. "I have worshipped them all my life and their pictures are special to me," he says this with pride and a smile at his face. 

Nawaz also reminisces how he struggled in his life and about his first apartment in the Maximum City when he had arrived to become an actor. "We were five actors who shared an apartment in Goregaon East. I remember travelling in trains and buses to auditions … adds siddiqui with making the mark on his face. I still make it a point to visit the place if I am passing by," says the actor, who will return to the city on May 9, only to take off to the Cannes Film festival for the premiere of another upcoming film, the Anurag Kashyap-directed Raman Raghav 2.0. "We have wrapped up shooting for Sohail's film. Only a small portion remains to be shot in Dubai which will be done soon," he concludes. 

Some more actors and actresses who are bringing up their own home

The other actors who are going to set their life in an independent way are

Alia Bhatt

The actress will move out of her family home with sister Shaheen into a plush, second floor apartment in Juhu. Interior designer Richa, wife of Vikas Bahl, is doing the interiors. 

Parineeti Chopra

The actress moved into her sea-facing, four BHK apartment in Khar last June. Her brothers, Saraj and Shivang, and mother, Reena lent her a helping hand in setting it up. 

Sonam Kapoor

The Neerja actress bought a 7000-sq-ft pad in Bandra Kurla Complex last year, which takes up the third and fourth floors of the building. Sonam is yet to move into the new apartment. 

Taapsee Pannu

The Baby actress bought a two-BHK in suburban Mumbai and was to shift in April. 

Bonding again and again; it seems karan singh Grover is still searching for true love

Karan singh Grover and Bipasa basu’s wedding on 30th of April has bought a lot of gossips and news this month. It seems he is still searching for a perfect definition for true love. He is the guy who was first seen in Dil mil Gaye. But before that he was married to Shradha nigam. He came to lime light when the serial got a lot of appreciation through out. This guy bought a lot of news when there was a split accounted between him and his first wife.

But rightly it has been said that Dil mil Gaye was not the first flick which he got down. But the first was “kitni mast hai zindagi” that was aired on M TV. Then he moved ahead with bringing a lot of name and fame.

Today’s news is his wedding with one of the famous actress Bipasa Basu. Before some days she had a broke up with her beau John Ibrahim. But now Mr. Grover has got her the pride to become his lady. Does it not seem that karan singh Grover is still into confusion with defining what love is exactly for her. It was in 2014 when Mr. Grover gave divorce to his second wife Jennifer winget who was his opposite cast in the famous flick “Dil mil Gaye”.

It is revealed from various sources that bipasa and karan met each other at the sets of “alone” and this bought a love count between them. But later they never spoke about their relationship to anyone. It was Karan’s mother who gave permission for the marriage and that bought to tie on the nuptial vows with bringing a success to their relationship. They were spotted together earlier at many events with bringing on a perfect couple make up among each other. At last it was on the 30th day of April when the love turned into a valid relationship.

karan and Bips were earlier spotted holidaying together with keeping Internet updated about the posts and making their relationship special every time.

To this growing relationship the earlier wives of Karan gave quite a cool response. It seems they are completely out of the trouble named karan and are busy with their own lives. Earlier the relationship was called to be rumors but with the wedding event it got confirmed with making the rumors get true.
His previous wives have wished bipasa with good luck and good wishes to have a safe and long lasting married life. 

But still he can make it out with the relation as karan believe. Shradha and Jenifer had their numbers and now its Bipasa’s turn…. let’s see how long they carry on with each other.