Monday, 23 May 2016

Anushka and Virat broke up but they must be together

Some people said we lost the world cup as Anushka diverted Virats mind at the time of the last ball. Still it is unknown that how far is it true. But after that the news which became quite into sensation was their break up. From deep sources, it is revealed that Anushka and Virat are child hood friends and probably if India would have owned the world cup then they would have been lucky to be together. But unfortunate enough that was not possible.

Virat and anushka were once considered to be the sensational news of the country. It’s because after Nawab Pattaudi and Azharudin it was Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma who were going to make a great couple for the time. But unfortunate enough their story did not move on ahead.

It was heard from various information where it was reported that, Virat said Anushka was quite rude to him. She every time used to take a control on him which was really making him breathless. But their separation has yet to be declared official with some of the reports that said their meeting again and again. 

Later in the party of television star Angad Bedi virat was seen inviting girls to join him on the dance floor as he is still single and would be ready to mingle with some one who would like to join him. Earlier both were seen together a lot of times but now it’s really like a dream come true. 

Truly speaking the couple used to make the best couple when they both were together. But today their separation has bought on a great question mark on what would happen with their future next. Now everyone is waiting to hear something good about their reunion. The couple has been a romantic one who complete and complement each other. There are a lot more happy days and events when they both were seen holidaying. But now it’s just a question which is in search of an answer.

We guess their love was not cheap to break down so easily but would surely last for a long time. We still are waiting for the good news to arrive when they would be noted together and would really make a good time for each other. Now both are busy with their career but still time is there to make them together and count on with a number of events like their wedding planning in future. This would really bring on a friendly match to be played between both in the near future.

Virat and Anushka we are still waiting to see you both together and would really love to enjoy some more event snaps and gossips about those. 

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