Friday, 20 May 2016

Finally Salman get ready to tie a knot this year

2016 is really an awesome year for the bollywood. Basically when it’s about the khan family. This year the salman khan and family has been the centre of attraction for the bollywood and the globe indeed. Firstly the salman khan was proved lucky enough to come out of the hit and run case that has been running since a long. Secondly their adorable daughter like sister arpita khan got her baby which was really the best news for the family.

And now the hottest of all, Mr. big brother salman khan’s wedding bells are going to ring very soon. Yes… your ears are listening the perfect news; it’s the Bhai jaan’s wedding that would be going to take place very soon on his upcoming birthday.

It’s now confirmed that Mr. Khan is going to get knotted with his long driving girl friend from Rome Lulia Vantur. With the upcoming birthday on 27th of December, Mr. Khan is going to tie the wedding knot to the lady love. It’s even heard that the love story is going to get its successful ending with the approval and a great wish from Salman’s mother. Though Mr. Khan denied to get married but his mother has been repeatedly getting him to get married soon.

Very recently, when one of the best friends of Mr. Khan i.e. preity zinta got married. The couples were noted jointly at the event. Their presence bought on a lot of happiness and entertainment added to the event.

Listening to this, all most everyone from the industry and Salman’s fan has started wishing him for the great start of his life. To avoid press and media from the event salman had arranged a huge set of security for Lulia Vantur during priety’s reception event.

There are a lot of speculations to bring on with the best preferences and make the perfect wedding destination for the event. It is also reported that Mr. Khan’s well wishers have started bringing on bouquets for the great news and have made it a great in all. Though Mr. Khan was not interested in getting married but still with his mother’s pressure, the maa ka ladla have to get on with the wedding. It’s now the planning for getting out of bachelor hood and entering into a perfectly set married life.
Soon in the December there is going to be double celebration with salman’s birthday celebration and even with the wedding bells to ring loud. This would be the best and the latest couple to get married in Bollywood soon in the end of the year. 

Soon the days will vanish when salman was linked with the best actresses of the industry. It’s now the turn of the best hero of the industry to have a great time with his long day Romanian love and enjoy a perfect married life. With such good news, the lady luck is going to arrive to his life with a bang and we wish his life becomes most enjoying and colorful after this grand wedding. 

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