Monday, 30 May 2016

Spanish talgo train with high speed begins with trail run, that is to be introduced on the route of Delhi to Mumbai

Spanish talgo is the high speed train measuring 110-115 kilometers per hour which was conducted in Uttar Pradesh on Bareilly Moradabad on Sunday with railway strategy to induct the faster trains.
It is the fastest and lighter train with nine coaches and it is the train that is hauled by diesel engine of 4500 HP and covers the distance of 90 kms in just 70 minutes. It is the lighter train because it consumes 30% less energy. Officers said that the train left from Bareilly at 9;05 am and reached by 10;15 am to Moradabad as it ran out at the speed 100 to 115km/hour speed.
Spanish talgo train consists of nine coaches from whom two coaches is of executive class cars, a cafeteria, four chair cars, tail end coach and power car especially for the staff. The train is riding with stability and safely so that no passenger gets hurt and is technically checked properly so that it does not creates any kind of technical issue.

Its coaches are designed with creative minds so that it can easily run with curves and the coaches are lightweight so that no problem occurs during the curve turns without any speed decelerating. With the help of this train and its speed you can easily travel from Delhi to Mumbai in just 17 hours.

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