Friday, 6 May 2016

Why do bollywood face a failure to the relationship in just few days of joining:-

May it be the great Farhan Akhtar or the perfectionist Mr. Amir Khan most of the stars in bollywood are heading with a separation from their loved ones? These cracks and adjustments are getting hammered with divorce at the end. It’s just a wander with what make these splits when the actors bring on with a great oath to their love vows.

The recent messes

The very talented and gorgeous Malika Arora Khan came to lime light recently with removing khan from her name. Gossip of ‘impending divorce’ must have shattered the Richter scale of publicity. There was so much noise over an obvious consultation with a divorce lawyer that I quiver to think what will actually happen when the matter comes to court. Every move of the celeb is exaggerated and put under the microscope and when you are going through a bad time, the assumption and the doomsday predictions are the ones that really hurt and become almost impossible to cope with. I guess that’s why Malaika put the rumors to rest when she issued a joint statement with Arbaaz.

Some cause why they split on

It’s not the normal kind of splits on to the relationship but some unusual habits which has been making the split quite into news. I just get blank with thinking about such for some normal people.

  • Unpredictable habits have been the main cause for the split between the celebs. These are like the unacceptance of the relationship between the couple after a long time or their parent disagrees into that. Some other takes it to make on through making a huge amount of money. The stars get together for a long time and after they break up, they ask for huge alumni for their future.
  • Unusual affairs between some co actress and vice versa have also bought a break up news between some stars. In an ex-cricketer’s marriage the wife finally got tired of his infidelities and divorced him, and her two daughters were on her team to ensure that she didn’t get the short end of the stick in all matters related to the divorce.
  • The most common one is the financial war that has bought on with separation. In front of money there is no relation going to stand on further. There are some relationships like that of karishma kapoor and sanjay kapur to bring on a divorce based on the financial matter.

The drama involved is of an electrifying magnitude which keeps everyone riveted to the ‘happenings’ in a celeb divorce .More likely than not, the couple’s friends who are high profile too, publicly support one half of the couple and that’s when the divorce becomes as though it’s a reality show.

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