Friday, 6 May 2016


Bollywood has been a place of interest for every one today. It’s because of the day to day news that we come across. Some breakups, some reveals and getting cozy has been making the bollywood the centre of attraction. These are mostly the gossips that would bring us craze to get through them.

Ending up of the true pavitra rista

The serial on zee TV that bought on to a pavita bonding the so called sushant and Ankita lokhandey has come to an end. Its long back the series ended but they still continued with their rishta. But now that also has got vanished with no extra effort made to join back.
Sushant singh Rajput had been moving on after the series with the best of movies like “kai po chi” and boymakesh bakshi but ankita did not get into any other series or the movies and has been indulged into the love build up. Today they have bought an end to their relationship with avoiding each other at the events.

Leaking of another panama paper

The panama paper has been significant news in the country. After Mr. Bachan senior now it’s the turn of the best of bollywood hero Mr. Ajay Devgan who has been bought on with huge shares of a British Virgin Islands company. Earlier it was father in law and the daughter in law, the famous bachan family has come up with the panama papers leakage. To reveal the truth, Mr. Devgan said that he has disclosed the information for taxes which is no more hidden.

It seems riya sen is getting back to movies soon

Riya sen, who made her entry to bollywood with the flick “style”, is now seen busy with the photo shoot. She was last into news with the MMS with Ashmit Patel that might have bought her with popularity. Now her snaps have been stumbled with the instgram and have been making her a new chance to get back to the movies.

Ranveer and Deepika might get true bajirao mastani

This is something quite spicy when ranveer singh has been noted calling deepika padukone “meri wali”. Ranveer singh called to be the true hero these days has been bringing on a sensational look with his desirability, fashion statement and his looks that get matured with time. He is the true macho man of the time.

Aishwarya rai bachan back to action with sarabjit

The beauty Aishwarya rai bachan is back to action with the new flick called the Sarabjit that is going to release soon with a bang. This movie is based on the person called sarabjit who was in Pakistan jail for a long term and has been released recently. Her performance as the sister who is struggling hard to bring back his brother is going to be appreciable. Just hope the movie clicks the best way. There are huge star cast like richa chadda and Randeep hooda who are also seen performing better in the trailers of the movie.

this is going to bring on the new movie with creating a tribute to the person who really had the experience at the Pakistan jail for a long time. 

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